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The purpose of the TESOL course is to acquaint and familiarize students with the skills, and abilities needed in order to become a successful English Teacher to students who are native speakers of other languages.


This program is designed to further students' language skills in order to translate and interpret to and from their native language (Korean) and their second language (English).


Global College’s 8 week to 12 week intensive BE course is designed to help students gain the skills necessary to successfully work in an English speaking environment.

Online TESOL
Online Business Interpretation and Translation
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These programs make getting quality certification possible, convenient, and realistic!

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Cintia Manuela de Lima
I am having a great time studying online! The videos are easy to follow and enjoyable too! I feel with every video watched I have learned something enriching and fulfilling. My expectations were high when I first enrolled, but they have far surpassed them! I feel confident about my English overall, and it has made me excited to learn more. Thank you GC!
Business English
Oscar Sobrino
Allan, the online TESOL program has given me so much knowledge and feedback it has impacted my life directly and has made me a better teacher as well. On top of that, not only is he a wonderful teacher but he is extremely funny! I have never laughed so hard while learning English – it is truly fulfilling and I want to be a better teacher and show others how to be a better teacher, he has really inspired me. Thank you Allan!
Minjung Jang
The online BITK program has really made me realize that I had been learning English in the wrong way. The teachers show us how to truly understand English, how we use it, and when we use it, instead of just memorizing like lots of students do. I feel really proud of my progress and wish I had taken this program sooner! It makes me want to learn more and I love truly understanding English!
Meilyn Lima
If you want to learn a lot of English WELL and have fun doing, take a GC online program! I have taken the Business and the online TESOL and each one has been helpful in their own way. To be honest, I was expecting a boring lecture that would be hard to focus on, but because of convenience I decided to take the online program. However, the teachers explain the lessons very clearly so it is easy to follow and understand, they are very personal and fun so being bored is not a problem. Not only that but they highlight some important points and use subtitles so I do not get lost or misunderstand while watching the videos. The feedback on tests, quizzes, and the Q & A board are also very helpful! More help than I ever got in a classroom!
Business English
Ikumi Mizu
GC online TESOL teacher was the best teacher I ever had! Even compared to programs I have had in classrooms. I was an English teacher in Japan, I knew some skills for teaching, but I realized many new skills and also I learned from Allan how the teacher should make learning more fun for students and create a better atmosphere overall. He gave us lots of advice and ideas for lesson plans, they were ideas I had never heard of or thought of before, but in using what I learned I have been able to create the best lesson plans in my entire teaching career!
Gayeoung Choi
I am currently taking the online BITK program level 1,2 and have completed BITK level 3. At first I struggled with the level 3 program but Grace Connor and Hana made a concept like translation and interpretation easy to understand and practice. What I enjoy the most is although I am not in a classroom – it feels like I am! They point out and answer the questions I am thinking. You can tell they are all experienced instructors that know this program and the students inside and out. I am feeling energized and excited to complete the program for level 1,2.




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