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What Is Interpretation And Translation?


When translating to and from another language, you must encompass two different skills - although separate, they are related in the same. One part of the process is fully understanding the meaning and intention of the text or speech of another language then conveying this in your native language. The other part is going from your native language and figuring out how you will convey this same meaning in another language. Simply put this is Interpretation and Translation, respectively.



This online course has several articles that encompass a variety of topics such as: entertainment, health, politics, business, and so on. Each is accompanied with its own vocabulary list. Instructors will guide you through fully understanding and defining the words and meaning of the articles. That way, a full interpretation of the article is done in order for an accurate translation into Korean. In addition, you will pick up tips and tricks on how to effectively translate English text so that it is natural in Korean.



This online course is broken into several sections such as: phrasal verbs, Korean to English, and Useful English. These components are, generally speaking, in Korean - and instructors will demonstrate how to accurately convey these Korean statements, expressions, and phrases into English, without losing the meaning of the initial statement in Korean. During this process, you will get to see where your common grammatical mistakes lie, learning new grammar points are clarifying existing ones. You will learn how to use English idioms effectively, and learn English idioms that are equivalent to existing Korean ones.

This course is meant for real life translation. Useful translation, one that you will use in an English environment, using everyday English and accomplishing everyday tasks. The main focus is on learning different phrases, words, grammatical structures in order to keep the meaning of the original text.

Certificates from Interpretation and Translation Associations


Translation Competency Test (TCT)



ITT (Interpretation and Translation Test)

ITT was developed by an association founded in Korea with a recognized committee dedicated to the certification of competent and skilled interpreter and translators. With a reputation that precedes them, the ITT committee is recognized by the largest international companies giving ITT certificate holders the same credibility.


TCT (Translation Compentency Test)

TCT was developed by a committee of scholars and professionals in a wide array of subject matters. This committee then became an association dedicated to maintaining quality assurance in translations and teaching of translation across various subjects and industries

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