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What Is Business English?


Business English for Speakers of Other Languages

This program does not require approval by Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training. As such, PTIB did not review this program.
This is a great option to consider for students who want to develop English skills for employment and practical business situations. Throughout the course, you will be lectured on sub-topics such as negotiating, networking, managing meetings, interviewing, and socializing in a business environment. Subsequent to the sub-topics, you will also be learning about how to write effective business memos, letters, e-mail and formal presentation that helps you to be a stronger candidate in the business job market. Overall, the course is intended to familiarize and teach you on Western business culture. The course will help make you a more viable, and employable candidate not only in the British Colombian job market, but the wider Canadian or the international job marketer as well. Glenn College Canada's Business English program will focus on listening, reading, writing, and speaking in a business context. Some of the main topics included are: Resume writing, Job interview techniques, Effective telephone communication, Marketing, and much more.

How To Process Online Business English


The purpose of the Business English course is to acquaint and familiarize students with the skills, and abilities needed in order to effectively use Business English, and be familiar with the usage and language in any work setting or environment. Teacher to students who are native speakers of other languages. The course is broken into 6 modules, with each of having anywhere between four to six lessons. Students will watch as teachers go over the basics of the 6 modules.

Topics include such lessons as how to communicate about a job, how to meet and greet people, understanding and using company communications, how to work effectively with others, the interview and resume process, and more. Students will be graded based on the following:



1. Six modules with content videos
2. Each module will have a module quiz of the video content
3. A midterm assignment that must be completed following completion of unit 3
4. The midterm assignment will ask students to write a formal letter describing results and a formal letter of request


5. A final test that is cumulative of all units
6. For protection of data loss, log onto our system and upload your electronic files (MS word files) after completing the final assignment and other required mini assignments
7. An email will be sent to confirm the results of your completed quiz or test and assignment. Please check your email box regularly. You can also check your score online
8. This course is meant for those who lead busy lives, and therefore students may cover material whenever it is most convenient for them. However, it should be noted, that upon enrollment, students will have to complete everything within 8 weeks of their enrollment date

Why Study Business English Online With Glenn College?

You will acquire the skills and abilities needed to correctly and effectively use Business English
You will feel confident in your ability to use Business English in a working English environment
You will have the convenience of taking lessons and completing assignments at your own pleasure
You will receive prompt feedback on your progress and certification upon successful completion of the course.
* we are accepting resgistration soon

Admission Requirements


1. Glenn College's Online Placement Test indicating a minimum of GC 3 or

2. IELTS 3.5 or

3. TOEFL 30 or

4. TOEIC 350 or

5. Other proven and deemed acceptable equivalency by Glenn College

Information & Grading Policy


Purpose of the Course

The purpose of the Online Business English course is to acquaint and familiarize students with the skills, ability, and methods required in order to effectively and accurately use Business English. By the end of this course, students should have confidence in their ability to communicate with English related to business settings.


Grading Policy

The student must complete everything (Modules, Quizzes, Midterm Assignment and Final Test) within 6 weeks of their enrollment day.
There will be several factors that determine your final grade. Please note that a minimum score of at least 70% will be needed in order to pass. Grades will be earned on the following basis:

6 Quizzes: 50%
Final Test: 25%
Final Assignment: 25%
= Total: 100%

Your final grade will be according to the percentage of total points that you earn based on the above criteria. Quizzes will be checked by teachers on a regular basis, and will be returned to you promptly. Your final assignment will be accessible to you after you have completed quiz 6. Your final assignment should follow the format and structure of what was presented in the lesson, and done to the best of your ability. Your midterm assessment will be a writing assignment and the final test will be a combination of short answer and multiple choice. It should take around one hour to complete.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will be granted a Business English Diploma, Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and an Official Transcript. This will be delivered to the students by mail.

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